It’s 2020, and there’s a world of marketing techniques that help businesses reach their prospects and customers with ease.

But as the general traffic on the web has diverse interests, the definition of qualified traffic narrows down to some limits. And the geographical location is one of those.

That’s where Google My Business comes into play.

Studies report that,

1. Conversion Starts With First Impression

Have you ever come across an email that you just couldn’t resist opening?

What made you feel that way? You hadn’t even seen much of the mail anyway. Maybe just a subject line, the sender’s name or/and the initial message body?

Well, if we look closely, you had seen enough.

The sender’s name. Email’s subject line. And initial few words of the message body. That’s enough to intrigue and even compel a prospect into opening an email.

Take this, for example.

  • Nearly 80% of local searches convert.
  • 46% of Google searches are for local services
  • Near me” searches have seen over a 50% hike in the last few years

And many more similar stats.

Do you get the point? Local searches are becoming a priority for customers, and thus, it should be so for businesses as well.

Aiding the same, in this post, we will talk about how you can use Google My Business listing to boost your business’ local presence.

Why Is Google My Business Important?

Although, we’ve mentioned a bunch of stats that back the usefulness of Google My Business, that isn’t everything that you need to know.

Here are other noteworthy reasons why Google My Business is essential for your business.

1. Google My Business Makes It Easier For Customers To Find You

Yes, we all make efforts to reach our customers, but more than that we all want them to find us first.

Think for yourself. You may sell ten products in a day by calling different prospects, but the one sale that reaches you on its own always gives a special kind of joy.

That’s the joy that GMB can bring for you.

It puts your business out in the search ground, where your nearest and “most likely to buy” prospects can find you.

2. Dramatically Boosts Your Visibility in the SERPs

Local search and overall SEO, both matter, and generally go hand in hand.

In fact, if your Google My Business listing is active, it will even outperform the websites and other search results in the SERPs.

You too might have seen how local search results show a map at the top, followed by other search results.

GMB will put your business on that map, ensuring that your brand name is one of the first few things that a visitor sees after doing a local search.

Feels special, right? You can’t get that if you keep GMB out of your marketing priorities.

3. GMB Allows Businesses to Post Useful Information and Lets Users Post Reviews

For a customer to be able to consider your business, it’s important for them to know something about your services/products.

Google My Business makes this easy.

On your GMB listing, you can add useful information regarding your business. This can be your USPs. Services that you provide. Products that you sell and everything else that matters.

Apart from this, GMB also allows customers to post reviews when they like or dislike a service.

This helps honest businesses acquire more leads.

4. Google My Business Can Help Lower Your Adwords Budget

The world of marketers knows about Google Adwords and how it bridges the gap between brands and customers.

Google My Business also does the same. Just for free. And reducing the amount that you may spend on Google Adwords.

In both cases, your business is going to be visible in the SERPs.

This means that you can certainly analyze your current Adwords campaigns and reduce or withdraw bids for keywords on which your GMB listing is already performing well.

Such a money saver, isn’t it?

Final words

As customers are always looking for the nearest available options, the need for using a smart local search campaign rises up.

And one fine way of doing the same is by using GMB. In this post, we wrote about why it must be a part of your marketing arsenal.

Hopefully, this was helpful