Organic traffic boosted from 416 monthly users to 2555 users per month.


Organic goals achieved starting from 7 in August ‘22 and going to 113 in November ‘23.


Primary keywords ranking in the top 10 on Google, compared to 14% in the initial month.

Project Overview

Allison McTigue Salon

Allison McTigue is a reputable salon located in Atlanta that gives the very best hair treatments to their clients. Their commitment to delivering a delightful and personalized experience to each of their clients is one of the reasons why they are loved.


Allison McTigue Salon wanted more organic traffic from search engines and also wanted to be visible when a prospective client would search the web for services they are offering.


We started with competitor analysis, looking to identify keyword and content gaps. Our intensive keyword research efforts enabled us to find potential keywords that perfectly resonated with Allison McTigue’s Business and could boost their search engine visibility, attracting qualified traffic to their website and its target pages. In the next step, we optimized their existing content to cover any content and keyword gaps and implemented a content strategy to move forward.

Professional and Timely!!!
First time creating a website, I had a lot of questions. DIGITAL RAFTER helped me understand the process, step-by-step and delivered a great product. Tailored to my own style and vision, the representative Gaurav made sure of this! A big thank you to the DR team. I look forward to continue working with you.

Daris Rodriguez


To start with, we put an optimization plan to work. We started our efforts with research and optimization, encircling technical updates on the website. Starting from page speed optimization to resolving persistent technical issues with the website. Moving further, we started on-page optimization, including metadata updates, content refresh, and certain design changes. The results came in quickly due to our fast implementation and an aggressive link-building budget.



Our plan included keyword and content gap analysis, metadata updation, and content refresh to target newly found keywords and perfectly furnish all the on-page elements. Once these aspects were taken care of, we could start with our guest posting and other link-building efforts, including web 2.0 submissions.



Our fast execution action included intensive keyword research, looking for keywords that we could instantly start ranking for. What we primarily needed to do was find the right keywords and update the content at the earliest; and that’s what we did, just along with backlinks.



Our quick implementation attracted quick results, boosting organic traffic in multiple ways. Now, the Allison McTigue Salon’s website enjoys nearly 2.5K organic visitors every month, and the numbers are still growing due to our laser-targeted keywords and top-of-the-line content marketing efforts.



We boosted Allison McTigue’s organic traffic from 416 monthly users to 2555 monthly.


Our SEO efforts helped Allison McTigue Salon achieve 1614.28% more organic goals compared to 7 in August ‘22 and scaling to 113 in November ‘23.


Currently, 64.28% of the primary keywords are ranking in the top 10 on Google, compared to 14% in the initial month.