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Our team of digital marketing ninjas has 170 experienced people who are Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook ads and Wordpress Certified. We’re also partners with Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing. Armed with this ammunition, we’ve helped 70+ home inspectors since December 2019 connect with 100 + home owners or real estate agents.We will help you develop your ideas into concepts and...

Your PPC Marketing Strategy is
More Important than Ever

Numerous plumbing companies are available across the country. The problem, however, is that there is no single plumbing company that claims more than one percent of the overall plumbing industry revenue. This means without a solid PPC strategy in place, your company is just one among many plumbing businesses.

Establish your brand authority and boost your competitive edge with Thrive’s pay-per-click marketing solutions.

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Understand what your customers are searching for and drive qualified traffic to your site. At Thrive, we build a list of localized keywords based on your target market’s common industry questions. In addition, we analyze your competitors’ winning keywords and adjust your PPC strategy accordingly.


Our PPC managers work closely with our web design and development experts to build high-converting landing pages. We highlight your unique value proposition, simplify your page navigation and utilize a sales pitch video. In this way, we optimize your landing page for lead generation.


Generate immediate, qualified plumbing leads using results-driven PPC management solutions. At Thrive, we leverage ad groups, roll out bid adjustments per audience segment and take advantage of dynamic keyword insertion. Doing so allows us to achieve faster progress and deliver targeted results.


Our plumber PPC experts implement proven strategies in building your brand recognition and obtaining measurable results. We maximize ad extensions, adjust your campaign geolocation settings and optimize your bid strategies for mobile. Contact us now to get your free campaign proposal.


We test your ad variations to determine which ad copy generates the highest conversion rate. Among the most significant site elements we assess are your headlines, calls-to-action (CTAs), content, keywords and URL. Ad copy testing allows us to identify the most effective brand messaging that resonates with your target audience.


Increase your ad conversion with the help of our plumber PPC company. We run branded campaigns, leverage search impression share and perform ads A/B split testing. These practices help us target your in-market audiences and optimize your landing page conversion rate.


Boost your customer engagement across online channels through plumber social media marketing. Our plumber PPC experts set your ad budget based on your marketing goals. We perform competition analyses, create engaging content and launch targeted ad campaigns to trace your lead generation more accurately.


Let us help you optimize your pay-per-click management strategies across search engines. From managing your existing PPC campaigns and creating new content to monitoring campaign results, we’ve got you covered. Entrust your plumber digital marketing campaigns with us and achieve greater results.


Increase your brand awareness, get referrals and build customer trust through Nextdoor advertising. Our plumber PPC agency verifies Nextdoor ad space availability and creates custom ad copy and images. We also utilize analytics and data tracking tools to monitor your ad performance.

Why Choose Digital Rafter as Your
Home Inspection PPC Agency

Use Pay-Per-Click Marketing to Appeal to Your Target Sales Demographic

Is your plumbing business visible to your target customers? Studies show that four in five consumers perform an online search to find local businesses and gather information. This means if your plumbing business does not appear on relevant search results, you are losing out on potential business.

Partner with a trusted plumber PPC company and generate quality leads for your plumbing business.

At Thrive, we provide results-driven plumber PPC services to ensure your company appears at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Our pay-per-click management solutions are designed to position your ad in front of your prospects and build your brand presence.

Home Inspector PPC Experts

Thrive’s PPC specialists have undergone strict training and vetting processes. This allows us to ensure your dedicated campaign managers are knowledgeable in all aspects of PPC and search engine optimization (SEO). Schedule a call with one of our PPC managers today to find out how we can help you manage your online campaigns.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

We take advantage of strategic PPC audience and location targeting. Doing so allows us to connect with your prospects and convert them into customers. We maximize Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaigns, display targeting and remarketing to improve your ad performance.

Mobile PPC Advertising

Statistics show that 80 percent of people don’t leave home without their smartphones. Leverage this data to your advantage through mobile pay-per-click marketing. Our digital marketing agency enables ad extensions, utilizes action-oriented keywords and optimizes your PPC campaigns for an improved mobile experience.

analytics Results and Reporting

We provide a monthly comprehensive performance review to keep you informed of your account activities. During our scheduled meetings, our PPC managers discuss your campaign status in terms of your key performance metrics and completed goals. These include your click-through rates (CTRs), the average cost-per-click (CPC) and cost per conversion.

Strategic Bid Management

We help you maximize your Google Ads budget to attract valuable leads and conversions. We utilize the latest keyword research tools, set your bid management goals and perform extensive research before finalizing your bid amount. These practices allow us to bid on the right keywords and position your ads at the top of search results.

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